The latest security solutions for mobile police intelligence system by XDJA (信大捷安) can let C/S, B/S and video streaming access become a basic function while the APP Client Side has be just released for Jilin Province.  The platform itself contains different APKs for enhancing the APP function while the one-touch security access let users to be connected with any applications easily but along with high secure standard.

The most important key which show the comprehensiveness of this platform is the search engine function which can be classified into 2 levels – local and national, while the search fields covered from information of a person, to a place and an organization, etc.  While the solution can also link up with the OA system of the police office so that users can be more efficient in their routine work tasks.

The APP will be further developed to meet the demand of technology-oriented world while more functions will be developed in the soon future.