Technical Supports

The emerging wireless connectivity- & interoperability-oriented IoT era has increased the complexity of customer support operations.  South Wireless provides clients a comprehensive support services in order to reduce development lead time, cost and risk, which allow our clients’ competitiveness in the right market timing along with the latest technology.

South Wireless develops solutions for the future of the IoT at the main cities in the Mainland and Hong Kong.  Our R&D competence center in Shenzhen is the main development site for wireless technologies and provides Tier I support for all problems with wireless hardware, software and other computer related technology issues and inquiries which our team is divided into 3 sub-teams:

Field Application Engineering Team

Top-educated engineers with design, development experience and the technology background in the IoT aim to provide clients a 360-degree support throughout all phases of the project from module acquisition, implementation, production, to deployment, activation, and management of the fielded module.

Our FAE Team will review clients’ schematics and guide PCB layout design. We also provide technical lectures and training to clients regularly as long as introduce integrated solutions to clients along with reference design.

Technical Sales Team

Our Technical Sales Engineers are experts in providing technical support on-site during the pre-sales product selection process. The team also participates in the sales process in order to give advice in selecting the best modules for clients’ application. We are keen on providing clarity for the development based on clients’ requirements and turning out the best suited set of our products and services.

South Wireless will share knowledge and experience through tailor-made training courses, workshops and forums for clients to learn the fundamentals of the wireless and sensing technologies.

Application Engineering Team

Our Application Engineers will guide clients through the entire module integration process by providing engineers with both general information resources and complimentary project-specific assistance. They coordinate activities with hardware and software engineers to speed up the integration process into certification and production which ensuring the project is completed efficiently and successfully.